Hello, I’m Kento Kobayashi. Digital marketing director and web developer with a focus in user-experience and interaction. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, I am now based in Tokyo, Japan.

Digital Consultation

Have your own digital team or vendors but looking for an outside opinion? Looking to pick the brain of a digital marketing professional? No problem. I’ve helped businesses, just like yours, vet strategies, conduct audits and simply talk through concepts. Learn More.

Digital Marketing

For the last eight years I’ve helped businesses concept and executed effective digital marketing campaigns. My approach is not to just cast a net and see what we can catch, but find who your customer is get them in line for your services. Learn More.

Web Development

Trusted and dedicated, I work to help you actualize a digital space that proudly represents you. Even more so, I’ll help you build something that works for you. No more “brochure” style websites. Let’s create something that brings people to your site and gets them in your door. Learn More.